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Training professionals since 1983

learning systems for your organization

I am a content developer, instructional designer, and learning consultant. I create and improve employee and business partner learning systems for small and medium sized businesses.  

what is Performance Improvement

Training and learning have evolved rapidly along with technology to support human performance improvement. In the past, management often threw training at a problem thinking that was the way to fix things - but that was usually expensive, time consuming, short lived, and ultimately ineffective. Instead of jumping to 'training' as a solution, my methodology is to take a 'systems approach' - first define what is the desired performance; then remove barriers and make things simple and fool-proof; and if new skills and knowledge are needed, then create fun, quick and mobile training interventions with an emphasis on 'transfer of training' from the lesson to the real world.

Learners as teachers

I believe that any training program should include the learners as content developers - not just treat them as passive recipients of content, but take their feedback and contributions and continually improve the learning experience with them as 'consultants'. The best way to get 'buy-in' from adult learners is to include them in the whole process.

Mark Mrohs has been creating and managing technical and sales training organizations since 1983. His has worked in large corporate cultures and small start-up environments, and has created programs that use self-paced online lessons, interactive webinars, classroom instruction, and on-the-job field training.